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Mission Statement:
To promote innovation, ingenuity and ethical leadership for the development and implementation of sound procurement practices while maintaining the highest levels of professionalism
Vision Statement:
Members of the National Association of Purchasing Management are recognized as world class professionals. NAPM and its affiliates serve as centers of excellence in establishing and maintaining best-in-class professional standards of competency and conduct for its members, and matters pertaining to research, education, and certification.

General Information:

NAPM-Southern Minnesota Chapter will conduct eight Profesional Development Meetings this year September 2013 thru May 2014. For more details please check out the ACTIVITY CALENDAR.
For a complete listing of Current Officers check out the updated OFFICER DIRECTORY. Please feel free to contact any officer with any questions or concerns.
If you are interested in becoming members of NAPM-SoMN please contact our President, Kevin Hammell at for an application.
NAPM-SoMN Board of Directors

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