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On behalf of the ISM Supply Chain Risk Management Group, I want to thank you for registering for/attending our webinar on February 3rd. We received valuable feedback from those of you who completed the online survey after the event, and most of that feedback was very positive. This message is directed primarily to those of you who were disappointed in our content. I heard two things from you. First, this wasted your time as it did not contain useful content. Second, it was a commercial for the ISM International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit.

Yes, it was a commercial. Our intent was that each of the speakers would give you an immediate "takeaway," and entice you to make the investment to come to the ISM International Conference and attend the Risk Management Learning Track sessions where we would include many more details. We won't do that again. What we want to do is to tell you what we will do again. In the second half of 2011, I will be asking the Webinar Committee to work with ISM to schedule three webinars full of supply chain risk information. Some of the ideas that have been suggested for the webinar subject content are:

1) Risk identification processes 2) Supplier development and management to mitigate risk 3) The steps and tools needed to develop the risk management process 4) Finding and using software tools that will help leverage a risk process 5) Synching analytics to key operational risk indicators and their risk mitigation strategies 6) Benchmarking your risk management system and results with the "superstars" of supply chain risk management 7) Risk management for the service industries 8) Risk management for small and mid-sized businesses

We invite your comments and suggestions regarding these ideas. What would you like most to see us do in terms of webinar programs and opportunities for you? I have tasked the Webinar Committee to pick three of these suggested topics and identify appropriate presenters, so that we can schedule these webinars for you in the last half of this year. We hope these events will give you the confidence in our educational value which we want you to have. Providing such value also is aligned with our strategic vision. We hope you will give us a chance to develop our offerings to the point where all of you are pleased and see our programs as providing real value.

Please send me your comments and suggestions. Thank you again for your interest in our inaugural effort. Richard D. Rich C.P.M. Chair, ISM Supply Chain Risk Management Group

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