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The Risk Management Group Board Meeting Minutes - April 5, 2011
Attendees: Beth Green, Jim Kelly, Richard Rich, Bob Kemp, Jan Miller, Jason Busch, Rose Kelly-Falls, Ernest Gabbard, Sherry Gordon, Mickey North Rizza, Cathy Herr

1. Strategic Plan. We discussed some of Sherry Gordons questions about the plan that she had previously submitted to Beth Green in an email. The name in the plan will be changed to Supply Chain Risk Management after the ISM board approves the Groups name change on May 14th. The risk research index was discussed. Since its variable according to company and not clear, the reference will be pulled out of the plan. Board approved the plan with that amendment. Regarding the function of clearinghouse, this will be done through our new website. The strategic plan will be available at the conference, with the new name.

2. Rules of Management (ROM). Richard Rich went through the ISM Group Rules of Management slides with material added by Cathy Herr and Rose to propose guidelines and a structure for managing the group. He asked for input. Rose Kelly-Falls suggested that there may be too many committees and that some should be combined.
There was agreement to combine the Committees. Richard said that committees could be chaired by non-board members with at least one board member on them. For the first year after implementing the ROM , we will keep all chairs as board members.
Richard also wants to involve the Risk Group Members in the Committees. He wants to send an email blast to the Group trying to encourage the members to sign on to committees, once the ROM is done. He also will announce this at the risk track sessions in Orlando.
We discussed how we meet  whether or not we need to meet face-to-face, particularly in view of our expenses not being covered. We discussed spending 4-8 hours and add interesting speakers (professional development) to the meeting or possibly meet after the ISM International Conference. We discussed ways to do it, such as flying in and out of an airport and meeting there. The general consensus was that face-to-face meetings are valuable. Richard will send us the full ROM document and is looking for board approval by April 30. Then the document will be sent to the membership by May 2 with the objective of having the vote complete by May 10.

3. Risk Track Dinner. Thanks to JV Kelly Group, Tricia Drew and Jim Kelly. It will be at the California Grill at Disney at the Contemporary with a cocktail hour first. There will be transportation to the event. Cocktails will be at 6:30 pm, dinner at 7:30. Speakers, board members and others involved with the Risk Group will attend.

4. Name Change  The Board approved the name change. Then, we had a good response to the poll about the name change (about a 30% response rate from the membership). The name will be changed after the ISM board approves it on May 14.

5. Web Seminars. Richard discussed the criticism of our only Webinar. Many people thought that it was a commercial, and it was. It accomplished what we wanted, but we are aware of what our future Webinars need to offer in terms of education.
Staff had surveryed the attendees and developed a list of risk webinar topics for future webinars. The top three topics identified by webinar: risk identification processes; supplier development and management to mitigate risk; steps and tools needed to develop the risk management process. Mickey North Rizza will reconvene the webinar committee to discuss.

6. Website: The website is up and running. The Board needs to accept the challenge of getting content to the site. We have the responsibility to make the website work. The Board was asked to visit the site. We also need to get this info out to the Risk Group. The URL is Its up and running, but it needs content. Please send additional content to Tony Noe:, tel: 636-327-7627. Send in any articles and reference materials to Tony to post on the website, particularly already published materials.

7. Face-to-Face Board Meetings: If we start getting together, we decided that it should be at a location for a meeting in September, to be determined by the Chair and Vice Chair as has been proposed in the ROM. Indianapolis and Boston have offered. The second facer-to-face meeting will be at the International Conference in Baltimore in May. . We need to find a venue for our September meeting.

8. Other business: Should we have a standalone conference? If we partner with another ISM group, such as the Chemical Group or the Southwest Forum, then its feasible. Since we dont have any money yet, we do not have a budget to hold a conference and would need to partner. We are not certain that well be able to keep the risk track at the ISM International Conference. Richard will find out by June 22 whether well have the track next year. Then we can plan accordingly.

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