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N.A.P.M.-Missouri Ozarks:

The local affiliate can be very valuable for those who work in procurement and/or supply chain management field.

The greatest value is the chance to network with other Procurement Directors, Supply Managers, Professors, and likewise in the Ozark area.

Monthly meetings are planned to introduce members to various topics, both closely related to purchasing and supply management and others more general to business, career, and the Ozarks area.

Other membership benefits are the member website, and education seminars and classes.

Also, those members who become board directors can benefit from assisting in the direction for our future, along with gaining new leadership skills.

Institute for Supply Management:

The National Organization adds value to members in many ways:

Inside Supply Management - monthly magazine

ISM Report on Business

Members only ISM Web Site
Online Career Center

ISM InfoCenter

Purchasing Advocate
C.P.S. M. and C.S.M. programs for certification

Administered by ISM

Members receive discounts on exams and study materials

Committees and Special Interest Groups and Forums

Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies (CAPS)

Over 90 National Seminars, Members receive discounts

Professional Development Resources

ISM InfoEdge - job related tools for purchasing and supply managers

Annual International Purchasing Conference

Discounts for The Journal of Supply Chain Management

Recognition and Awards

Subscription to Inside Supply Management, published exclusively for members.

Access to the Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies (CAPS), the first and only research center in the nation dedicated to purchasing.

Discounts on ISM educational resources, ISM seminars, and discounts off of the C.P.S.M and C.S.M. certification.


REGULAR MEMBER - As a full member of NAPM-Missouri, Ozarks you will receive Inside Supply Management at no charge, personalized link to the national ISM web site which provides valuable research information, and you will receive discounts on ISM study guides and seminars. You will be eligible to volunteer for chair positions or serve on the board of directors. Please contact any board member for more information. Dues are $140 annually, with a one time enrollment fee of $20. ($160 will be invoiced to potential members upon acceptance of the membership application)

EDUCATION MEMBER - These members are persons that are either full-time undergraduate and graduate students or a person with a full-time appointment as a teacher, research specialist, department head, director or dean of a college, university, or other academic institution whose academic responsibility includes purchasing management or materials management or other related fields or subjects. These persons may qualify for dues free status.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER - To become an associate member there must be regular members within the same company. The associate member is not eligible to serve in any chair positions, nor do they receive complimentary copies of
Inside Supply Management. Fees are $35 annually ,with an additional one time $20 enrollment fee. ($55 will be invoiced to the potential member upon acceptance of the membership application)

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