Chemical Group Membership Information

QUALIFICATIONS : It is the intent and purpose of this provision to exclude any person regularly engaged in the selling or solicitation of orders. Incidental disposition of scrap, surplus or waste material is not construed as selling in the sense of this provision.

MEMBERSHIP CLASSES: Membership shall be divided into two classes:

a. ACTIVE: Active Memebers shall qualify as set forth above under "Qualifications" and in addition shall be members of the Institute of Supply Management. They shall have the privilege of voting, holding elective office and serving on the Executive Committee.

b. ASSOCIATE: Associate Members shall qualify as set forth above under "Qualifications" and must be employed by an organization also employing one or more members of the Institute of Supply Management. They shall enjoy all the rights and privileges held by Active Members except those of voting and holding elective office.


a. ACTIVE: No fees payable directly to the Group are required of Active Members. Membership in the Institute of Supply Management or an affiliated organization and the dues paid thereto is entitlement to membership in the Group.

b. ASSOCIATE: The annual fee required of Associate Members, domestic and foreign shall be set at the discretion of the Executive Committee and shall cover a one year period from January 1 through December 31. The Membership Chairman will mail statements to all Associate Members during December of each year. Associate Members whose fees have not been received by March 31 will be dropped from membership.

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