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Total Cost Reduction Impact through Chemical Management: A Sourcing Strategy for the 21st Century


W. Stokley Donelson III
W. Stokley Donelson III, Marketing Manager, Henkel Chemical Management, (615) 346-2706, stokley.donelson @hstna.com
Michael D. Spillman, C.P.M.
Michael D. Spillman, C.P.M., Purchasing Manager, Henkel Chemical Management, (615) 346-2704, michael.spillman@hstna.com
Jacquelyn J. Smith
Jacquelyn J. Smith, Supplier Manager - Indirect Materials & Logistics, Saturn Corporation, (931) 489-4278, jacquelyn.smith@gm.com
Suzie Pitkin Shaw
Suzie Pitkin Shaw, Vice President Sales, Ulrich Chemicals, Inc., (317) 898-8632, sshaw@ulrichchem.com

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Manufacturers in today’s competitive global marketplace are constantly striving to improve operational efficiencies, optimize processes, employ latest technologies and practices, and reduce costs. “For at least the past decade, managers have been preoccupied with improving operational effectiveness. Through programs such as TQM, time-based competition, and benchmarking, they have changed how they perform activities in order to eliminate inefficiencies, improve customer satisfaction, and achieve best practice. Hoping to keep up with shifts in the productivity frontier, managers have embraced continuous improvement, empowerment, change management, and the so-called learning organization”. This has resulted in no real net sum efficiency gains by companies over their competition. Why? “The most obvious reason is the rapid diffusion of best practices”. “The popularity of outsourcing and the virtual corporation reflect the growing recognition that it is difficult to perform all activities as productively as specialists”

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