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Global Sourcing – Complex, Non-Intuitive & Multidimensional Problems


Barbara Larkin
Barbara Larkin, Independent Strategic Sourcing Consultant, (972) 338-7274, barbara_larkin@ufpc.com
Jay Reddy
Jay Reddy, Founder & Executive Chairman, MindFlow Technologies, (972) 930-9988, jay.reddy@mindflow.com

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Sourcing Managers of Global 2000 companies are focused on reducing spend to increase Earnings Per Share (EPS) for their companies. Sourcing complexities, combined with a lack of time, capability and tools to tackle difficult issues cause millions of dollars to be left on the table. World-class sourcing organizations are using optimization-based sourcing tools to tackle the complexity of today’s sourcing challenges that are non-intuitive, multidimensional problems.

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