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Business Continuity Training and Testing: Narrowing the Gaps


Kildow, CBCP, FBCI, Betty A.
Betty A. Kildow, CBCP, FBCI, Emergency Management Consultant, Kildow Consulting, 765/483-9365; BettyKildow@insightbb.com

92nd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2007 - Las Vegas, NV

A Business Continuity Plan sets on a shelf in your office. Now what? This workshop will provide guidelines for taking your Business Continuity Plan from being sheets of paper in a binder to being a guide that will take your organization through a process to fully restore operations following any disaster. Some of the important topics include making a plan user friendly, checking to be certain all required elements are included, training people, and testing plans. The session will include a tabletop exercise scenario and conclude with a review of the overall business continuity planning cycle.

Business Continuity Training and Testing: Narrowing the Gaps — 52 KB (PDF)