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Applying the Five Core Disciplines for Strategic Supply Chain Management


Shoshanah Cohen
Shoshanah Cohen, Director, Supply Chain Transformation Practice, PRTM, 650-967-2900; scohen@prtm.com
Dirk DeWaart
Dirk DeWaart, Principal, Supply Chain Transformation Practice, PRTM, 714-545-8600; ddewaart@prtm.com

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

Today's environment of short lead times, tight delivery schedules, and dramatically increased product variety puts ever-increasing pressure on a company's supply chain. Companies who can effectively align their supply chain operations with their overall business strategy can create substantial competitive advantage — improving both the top and bottom line. The book Strategic Supply Chain Management: The Five Disciplines for Top Performance is based on these concepts, as well as the premise that agile, strategic supply chain management is a competitive necessity in today's global business arena. This workshop, derived from the concepts in the book, provides an overview of each of the disciplines, tips and tools for overcoming the challenges inherent in mastering them, and vignettes of how real companies are using them to create competitive advantage. It also provides attendees with the opportunity to evaluate their own organization’s maturity within the five disciplines in real time.

Applying the Five Core Disciplines for Strategic Supply Chain Management — 39 KB (PDF)