for the volunteer leadership

March 1999, Vol. 11, No. 3

  • In This Issue Members Only Content

    NAPM has been working hard to keep the leadership and membership informed about the progress of NAPM's Governance Study. Hopefully you have had the opportunity to read and digest the special Professionally Speaking pull-out report included with the March Purchasing Today® magazine. This report:

  • Summer Workshops a Success Members Only Content

    Past issues of Newsline have reported on a pilot program that would combine district summer workshops (see the March 1998, April 1998, and August 1998 issues of Newsline). The benefits of multi-district workshops are manifold. Combining workshops will help bring talent together in a central location. This, in turn, leads to greater networking opportunities. Affiliates can group together by size to discuss similar issues unique to them based on their size, and individuals can build an expert base from which to draw in the future.

  • Certification is the Key Members Only Content

    NAPM offers two distinct designations: the Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) and the Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.).

  • Technology Members Only Content

    Do you need input from your purchasing and supply management peers on a challenge you're currently facing? You can exchange ideas in NAPM's discussion forums area on the Web. New discussion topics now offer the opportunity to discuss industry- and job-specific issues.

  • Liner Notes Members Only Content

    NAPM will create a speaker bureau to help spread the word on recommended changes in NAPM governance. Speaker participants will be put on the Web by midsummer at the latest. We're sharing this with you now so that your affiliate can save space for a presentation sometime prior to your April 2000 meeting. Watch Newsline for more information.

  • Volunteer Appreciation and Management Members Only Content

    Today's volunteer is a full-time working person who takes a new approach to the entire volunteer experience. With a need to maximize the return on their investment of time donated, they are looking for opportunities that will allow them to spend more time with family members or to enhance their job skills and network with other professionals in their field. Commitment to a long-term project may not fit their time constraints whereas a one time special project would be a perfect match. This trend provides NAPM affiliates with a vast, untapped resource.

  • C.P.M. and A.P.P. News Members Only Content

    The next written exam will take place at NAPM's 84th Annual International Purchasing Conference in San Diego, California, on Sunday, May 23, 1999 (7:45 a.m. - noon for Modules 1 and 4, 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. for Modules 2 and 3).

  • Board of Directors Update Members Only Content

    The 1998-99 Board of Directors met on February 27, 1999, in Tampa, Florida. Highlights from the meeting included the following:

  • Reminders Members Only Content

    Watch for your 1999-2000 NAPM Membership Card in April. Membership cards are sent to all current members annually. Membership status is based on reports submitted by affiliates for the semi-annual dues billing completed in March. Throughout the year, membership cards are sent to new members on a monthly basis.

  • Fax On Demand Finder Members Only Content

    "In demand" documents available from Fax on Demand include: