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This Month on the ISM Website: ISM Offers Five Online Courses at NO COST TO YOU!

ISM designed the Knowledge Center to give you access to a comprehensive curriculum that addresses all areas of the supply chain. Whether you're looking to improve your skills or want to expand the capabilities of your organization, ISM is your total education resource for achieving your goals.

Are you curious to see what taking an online course is like? Have you wondered if you are disciplined enough to complete an online course? Well, now is your chance to test-drive an online course for free. That's right — ISM offers five online courses in the Knowledge Center that you can register for at zero cost to you. Plus, four of the five free courses allow you to earn Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) upon completion.

Check out these no-cost online courses:

  • Price Analysis, Cost Analysis or Total Cost of Ownership: Determining the Best Approach (#3921)
    Learn to powerfully impact the bottom line by selecting the best analysis — price, cost or total cost of ownership. Then, complete the case study, which will walk you through the decision-making process step-by-step. Earn 3 CEHs upon completion of this course.

  • ISM Report On Business® (ROB) (#3967)
    Learn how ISM's Report On Business® is created, how to read it, what all the indexes mean, where the data come from and how to apply the data to your supply chain plan. (3 CEHs)

  • The ISM Guide to Sustainability and Social Responsibility (#3974)
    This class provides direction to supply professionals on how their companies and suppliers can develop and integrate sustainability and social responsibility practices and strategies into the business and the supply chain. Additionally, it addresses establishing policies and procedures to incorporate monitoring, verification and publication of results to ensure management of risk, protection of the environment and business continuity. (2 CEHs)

  • Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct with Guidelines (#3972)
    This updated ethics course was developed in partnership with the ISM Ethical Standards Committee. Use this course to practice ethical decision-making skills and test your response to situations and ethical dilemmas. This self-paced course will acquaint you with ISM's updated Principles and Standards of Ethical Supply Management Conduct With Accompanying Guidelines. (1 CEH)

  • ISM Career Center (#3964)
    The ISM Career Center online course was developed as a precursor for individuals who want more information about the Career Center before accessing ISM's website. The Career Center online course also offers online help and detailed explanations of how the Career Center works. (0 CEHs)

Once you've given one of the above courses a try, be sure to browse the more than 120 online education topics and a variety of program types the ISM Knowledge Center has to offer. You can choose classes in general business, career development or supply management. Global in scope, these courses were developed by experts from leading organizations, professional associations, industry consortia, educational institutions, consulting firms and individual practitioners.

Course formats offered:

  • Self-Directed (SDR)
    Self-Directed Online Courses (SDR) are comprehensive, allowing you to gain in-depth knowledge in a specific subject area. These are modular self-study courses, integrated with activities, case studies and an assessment test.

  • Instructor-Led (INS)
    ISM provides online courses that are facilitated by proven subject-matter experts. These courses require 10 or more participants and run four weeks in length, with defined time lines in which work must be completed. Instructor-Led courses have defined start and end dates, and include online interaction with the course instructor and other participants.

  • SCA Expert on Demand (EOD)
    These courses require audio and provide overview presentations from experts in the field.

  • SCA Simulation (SIM)
    These courses require downloadable software and let you learn by doing. These courses provide real-world, hands-on tools for a complete experience.

All Knowledge Center courses are active for one year from the date of purchase.

If you're curious about the ISM Knowledge Center, feel free to view the Knowledge Center Orientation area. Here are some of the things you'll learn:

  • Navigating the Knowledge Center
  • Logging Into the Knowledge Center
  • Accessing Your Self-paced Online Course
  • Accessing Your Transcripts
  • Printing Your Certificate

For more information about the Knowledge Center and the more than 120 online courses offered, visit

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