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Vol. 21, No. 7
July 2010


    Globalization: An Endeavor in Fluidity Members Only Content

    Like clouds, our global environment is always moving and changing with the elements.
    John Yuva

  • Staying a Step Ahead of Risk Members Only Content

    It's crucial to identify and evaluate supplier issues before they have a chance to affect your organization.
    Tony Noe, CPSM, C.P.M.

  • Dave Barry Is Not Making This Up Members Only Content

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning author and humor columnist shares his thoughts on supply management (kind of), sustainability (sort of), why humor really works at work (for real) and much more.
    RaeAnn Slaybaugh

    Exploring Supplier Collaboration Members Only Content

    With more organizations relying on supplier innovation to drive strategic initiatives, the ability to collaborate has never been more critical.
    Kelly S. Longgrear, C.P.M., CTPE

    How Real Are Procurement Savings? Members Only Content

    A simple four-number methodology to determine the actual impact of input prices on the bottom line can bring transparency to supply management's savings efforts.
    Uwe G. Schulte


  • Influence in the Supply Chain Members Only Content

    Editor's Page: Supply Management Buzz
    Humorist Dave Barry gives Inside Supply Management® a one-on-one interview on his thoughts on supply management, sustainability and work in general.
    Terri Tracey, CAE, Editor

  • Get a Seat at the Table Members Only Content

    Executive Access to the Chair
    Securing your spot requires solid influencing skills and diverse work experiences.
    Shelley Stewart, Jr., CPSM

  • Identifying and Mitigating Risk Members Only Content

    Out In Front: Leading People, Leading Organizations
    In supply management, the biggest risks can be invisible. That's why a formal supply-risk identification or mitigation program needs to be in place.
    Ernest Gabbard, CPSM, C.P.M., CPCM

  • Take to the Clouds Members Only Content

    Tapping Into ... Supply Management Issues and Trends
    Cloud computing is an evolutionary technology with revolutionary potential not only across the value chain, but also for enterprise strategy.
    Doug Standley

  • Complex Matters in Mergers Members Only Content

    Sustainability: Responsible Supply Management
    When the treatment of corporate social responsibility and sustainability in mega-mergers hangs in the balance, supply management plays a crucial role.
    Robert W. Kuhn

  • Remember to Manage Thyself Members Only Content

    Personal Connections: Work. Life. Balance.
    The vast quantity of data flowing into our organizations requires self-management to successfully filter, prioritize and disseminate critical information to your team.
    Marsha Egan


  • Just in Time - July 2010

    This article is not available online.

  • Testing Financial Strength Members Only Content

    CAPS Research: Promoting Supply Management's Best Practices
    How do you stress-test your suppliers to determine financial strength and dependency?
    D. Steven Wade

  • ISM News - July 2010

    This article is not available online.

  • Beyond Borders Members Only Content

    International Insights
    Lisa Wolters-Broder

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