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Solid communication skills — whether you are writing an email or a meeting update — are essential in the business world. Know how to get your message across clearly and in a professional manner.

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Susan Speck, October 21, 2013

The business world today is made up of all things "electronic" - including communication mediums; e-mail, voicemail, texting, etc. We often get caught up in abbreviated or "shortened" versions of communication that we assume others understand...LOL, BRB, etc., etc.
Robert, your article reminded me that although times change, it is still critical for one to be able to effectively and consicely communicate within all levels of the organization. Your article was insightful and served as a gentle reminder to again have this discussion and reinforce within my own team. Great job!
A Gary Lemmons, October 07, 2013

Well done Robert! Great reminders.
This evoked my thoughts on the proper use of voice messaging. This too is a simple communications tool that can be ineffective if not considered prior to leaving an important message.
Ken Wood, October 06, 2013

What a great article packed with effective communication practices. The Meeting Guidelines were sound and I especially liked the suggestion to ask if there is a scribe and stepping up to be the note taker if there is not.
Dan Gatewood, October 05, 2013

Great message Robert. I believe that many of the problems and/or challenges we face as Supply Management professionals can be alleviated through a solid communication plan on the front side. Thank you for your input.
Karla Hamblin, October 04, 2013

Great insight!