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RaeAnn Slaybaugh
Dina Giovale

September/October 2008, eSide Supply Management Vol. 1, No. 5

Eduardo Shelley with Oracle de Mexico is the first person outside the United States to earn the coveted qualification.

Last month, the Institute for Supply Management™ proudly announced Eduardo Shelley of Oracle de Mexico as the first international Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM®) recipient.

Shelley is currently responsible for Oracle's manufacturing industry in Mexico and its automotive industry in Latin America; however, he has made continuous learning and teaching in the supply management profession a priority for the past 20 years.

Having led multimillion-dollar projects in the automotive, steel and high-tech industries since 1984, his career encompasses five management and executive positions within seven organizations, including IBM, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and Ingersoll-Rand. Shelley has also taught supply management training classes in Mexico City and Monterrey, Mexico for many years.

Eduardo Shelley, CPSM

Eduardo Shelley, CPSM

Shelley says this breadth of professional experience was instrumental as he took — and passed — all three CPSM® Exams as a pilot participant through ISM's Mexican affiliate, Asociación de Profesionales en Compras, Abastecimiento y Logística, A.C., or APROCAL. "Being the pilot exams, there was not much time available or people to consult," he recalls. "So, I focused on the concepts that were new to me."

Why the CPSM®, and Why Now?

For Shelley, obtaining a CPSM® qualification was important on a personal, professional and cultural level. "I strongly believe that education is the key for the progress of any country, and that is especially true now for Mexico," he says. "We're seeing a lot of companies moving manufacturing facilities [here], like automotive OEMs and suppliers. The challenge is to overcome the maquiladora* status and add more and more value to the products and processes."

Now that he has earned his CPSM®, Shelley offers two pieces of advice for his peers pursuing the esteemed qualification. "First, don't try to memorize the study guides — understand the concepts," he suggests. "Second, focus on the topics you don't know or have little practical experience with."

Shelley encourages others considering CPSM® qualification to take the first step. "Continuous learning is a necessity now, so preparing for the exams is a good way to update and increase our knowledge," he says. "The person who gets certified increases their employability, and the companies they work for can perform at a higher level through the use of the new concepts learned."

More information about the CPSM® program is available online, by e-mail or by calling 800/888-6276.

*According to the Mexico 2000 Business Directory, a maquila program entitles the organization to (1) foreign investment participation in the capital — and in management of up to 100 percent — without need of any special authorization; and (2) to special customs treatment, allowing duty-free, temporary import of machinery, equipment, parts and materials, as well as administrative equipment (computers and communications devices), subject only to posting a bond guaranteeing that such goods will not permanently remain in Mexico.

RaeAnn Slaybaugh is a senior writer for the Institute for Supply Management™. Dina Giovale is a senior associate (marketing) for ISM. Both can be reached at

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