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September 2002, Volume 3

Certification Discussion Forum

ISM has a discussion forum specifically for current or potential certification program participants. Questions posted on the discussion forum are answered by both ISM staff and your peers. This forum is open to members and nonmembers alike. Go to, select Certification, then C.P.M./A.P.P. Discussion Area. Or you may use this link: Certification Discussion Forum.

ISM encourages you to visit this area on a regular basis and assist others with their questions or concerns. Please remember that the purpose of this discussion forum is to provide information and support for others going through the certification process. Discussion of specific questions or answers on the exam is prohibited and may affect your certification status.

Professional Development Online —

ISM's Knowledge Center offers you two types of online learning: instructor-led, and self-paced.

Instructor-Led Courses

Through ISM's instructor-led classes, you can now further your education without leaving your desktop. These four-week courses are taught entirely over the Internet, using your Web browser and your personal e-mail address. A subject matter expert facilitates the courses while participants partake in weekly individual and team assignments, class discussion forums, and weekly quizzes. Participants have the flexibility to complete their work and participate in discussion groups conveniently throughout the week. Earn Continuing Education Hours (CEH's) toward recertification with each Instructor-Led course.

Achieving Value-Add through Supply Alliances
Course #3780
November 15-December 4

Designed for supply management professionals to develop and maintain effective and positive relationships addressing cultural and organizational barriers, this course focuses on understanding the scope, structure, and dynamics of strategic relationships with different external and internal organizational structures. Also discussed is how to evaluate and incorporate the purchasing/supplier alliance relationships and plan, negotiate, implement, and monitor/manage alliance relationships in your organization.

  • Scope, structure, and dynamics of strategic relationships
  • Incorporating supplier alliances into your internal organizational structure
  • Barriers to successful supplier alliances
  • Preparing the organization for supplier alliances
  • Key considerations in negotiating a supplier alliance
  • Implementing a supplier alliance
  • Measuring and maintaining the effectiveness of a supplier alliance

Course Fees
USD 595 each/ISM Members USD $495 each
Nonmember groups of three or more USD $545 each
Member/Affiliate groups of three or more USD $445 each

Self-Paced Online Learning

ISM's Knowledge Center offers self-paced just-in-time training on more than 20 different topic areas. As a participant in our self-directed courses, you will determine how often you want to access the content and how quickly you will finish the course. ISM members also have lifetime access to the online tools and job aids included in each course (after purchasing the course). These courses offer: content developed by qualified instructors and subject-matter experts; practical exercises, interactive scenarios, and case studies; and the ability to test your knowledge through online testing and quizzes with immediate feedback. By completing the registration and payment forms online, you can have immediate access to the course(s) and participate any time that is convenient to your schedule. Earn CEH's for each self-paced online course completed.

To access the self-paced course schedule, go to:

Registration Fee (per course):
USD $295/ISM Members USD $195

For additional information on other online courses — both self-paced and instructor-led — click on the link below: Online Course Information

C.P.M. Online Self-Study Courses

As a participant in ISM's C.P.M. self-study courses, you can determine how often you access the content of each self-paced course, and complete them on your own time and your schedule. All four courses focus on preparing individuals to take the C.P.M. Exam. Earn 10 CEH's for each C.P.M. and A.P.P. self-study course. The following online self-study C.P.M. courses are currently available:

C.P.M. Review Course 1: Purchasing Process
This course focuses on the 20 tasks contained in Module 1, and includes sections on identifying requirements; preparation of solicitations; supplier analysis; and contract execution, implementation, and administration.

C.P.M. Review Course 2: Supply Environment
This course focuses on the 17 tasks contained in Module 2, and includes sections on negotiations, information technology, quality issues, internal relationships, and external relationships.

C.P.M. Review Course 3: Value Enhancement Strategies
This course focuses on the 16 tasks contained in Module 3, and includes sections on sourcing analysis, supply and inventory management, value-enhancing methods, and forecasting strategies.

C.P.M. Review Course 4: Management
This course focuses on the 14 tasks contained in Module 4, and includes sections on management and organization, and human resources management.

Each course is also available in hard-copy format. Contact ISM's Customer Service Department for more information on the C.P.M. program and these self-study courses, or to request a catalog that details each course and its benefits. You may also obtain information by visiting the ISM Web site at or the Knowledge Center Web site at

Volunteer Today!

ISM is looking for potential volunteers for both the Certification Committee and the Item Writing Committee. Both committees require volunteers to have already earned their C.P.M., to be in good standing, and to be members of ISM. The Certification Committee meets regularly through the use of conference calls and face-to-face meetings. This group is responsible for the policies and procedures that are used by ISM staff to uniformly administer both the C.P.M. and A.P.P. programs. The Item Writing Committee requires volunteers to participate by writing questions for exams twice a year, and ISM attempts to invite each item writer to participate in a face-to-face review of items annually. Most face-to-face committee meetings are held on weekends. If you are interested in possibly participating in either of these two committees, please forward your current résumé to and list the committee for which you would like to volunteer. ISM tries to maintain a diverse representation of participants from all sectors of industry. We are seeking individuals from the sectors of transportation, retail, hospitality/food, healthcare, and other service industries.

To Review or Not to Review

Onsite Professional Certification Testing and Review — We Deliver

Onsite testing and review for the C.P.M. and A.P.P. designations delivers the exam to you and your employees. Do you want your supply management department to obtain their C.P.M. or A.P.P. but are not sure how to prepare them for the modules? In addition to testing, ISM offers a C.P.M. review and preparation course at your location to help prepare your employees. With onsite testing, you control the environment and create the atmosphere that best matches your organizational culture.

A team of certified and accredited professionals translates into organizational effectiveness, efficiency, and overall operational success. From the bottomline to the top ranks, the entire organization benefits from the impact of certification. Bringing the exam to your employees offers you the chance to integrate the entire testing process into your organization's mission and goals. And the benefits of onsite testing give you a competitive advantage that surpasses even the most ambitious professional development effort.

Whether your employees, experience in supply is practical and obtained through various positions or is from more formal training, ISM offers review courses to satisfy the needs of all levels of skill sets. A review confirming knowledge already obtained on the job or through schooling can be acquired through our online review courses and independent or group study sessions. Your team may also benefit from a review with interaction among their peers and/or an instructor. Chances are your department is a mix of skill levels, and ISM delivers what you need.

Call the ISM Sales Department to discuss the best training plan for your group. Contact Cindy Urbaytis or Kelly Rich in the ISM Sales Department at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3049 or 3061 or visit us online at Certification Onsite Testing and Review.


The C.P.M. and A.P.P. Exams are to be taken by those candidates who are interested in original certification/accreditation or for recertification/reaccreditation purposes only. ISM expects that C.P.M. and A.P.P. review course instructors and proctors for written exams will refrain from taking the exam to eliminate any perception of impropriety regarding specific exam content.

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