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September 2009, Volume 24

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Celebrating Our 1,000th CPSM®

Senior sourcing manager with Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc., Sandeep Dar, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P., is the 1,000th person to earn the Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®). He works at Winn-Dixie's corporate headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dar has worked at Winn-Dixie, Inc. for more than five years, and says that given the dynamic nature of his industry, the tools and knowledge reflected in the CPSM® have proved to be very valuable. "Winn-Dixie's Strategic Sourcing Group has embedded understanding market dynamics, stakeholder analysis, change management, long-term supply-chain and environmental impact of sourcing decisions, and other tools into our culture," he says. "By encouraging supply professionals to align department goals with corporate goals, the CPSM® takes purchasing away from being a tactical group and instead makes us a strategic, cross-functional, value-enhancing partner in the company." Dar adds that the inclusion of social responsibility makes this certification very relevant with the times.

Dar is an affiliate member of ISM—Florida's First Coast and holds a bachelor's degree in higher mathematics from Vikram University in Ujjain, India and an MBA from Emory University in Atlanta.

ISM launched the CPSM® in May 2008. In a little more than one year, ISM has granted more than 1,000 CPSM®s to supply professionals in more than 15 countries. The content of the CPSM® Exam is based on the findings of a job analysis of the supply management professional position. The various topics covered are designed to reflect the knowledge areas needed to perform the important occupational duties of professionals employed in the field of supply management. For additional information on the CPSM® program, log on to Contact ISM Professional Credentials at

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Do You Want to Be a C.P.M.?

There are only a few weeks left to register your C.P.M. Exam Modules. The last day to register for a C.P.M. Exam is September 30, 2009. Don't miss this opportunity to earn a globally recognized credential that boosts your competitive edge in today's tough job market. Register now!

Make sure to schedule and take your C.P.M. Exams early. Avoid scheduling conflicts at the testing centers by giving yourself enough time to take all four C.P.M. Modules and any retakes before the exam deadline of December 31, 2009. Don't risk getting caught in the year end rush. Seating is limited and will fill up. You have until December 31, 2009 or one year from your registration date, whichever comes first, to successfully take and pass your C.P.M. Exams. No exceptions. After the exam deadline of December 31, 2009, the C.P.M. will be in recertification-only status.

For any questions, contact ISM Customer Service or

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A New Generation of Supply Management Professionals (from March/April 2009, eSide Supply Management)

Young supply management professionals are increasingly pursuing — and securing — professional certifications such as the esteemed Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®). In this edition, we spotlight three driven CPSM®s setting the pace for their peers.

Leslie Waggoner, CPSM, C.P.M.

Considering her on-the-job experience totaled less than five years when she decided to take the CPSM® Bridge Exam, Leslie Waggoner, 25, recalls spending an inordinate amount of time studying.

"I needed to ensure I was up to speed on scenarios that don't currently exist, or haven't existed, in my career so far," she explains.

Obviously, her preparation paid off: Waggoner — a surplus asset analyst for Intel Corporation in Chandler, Arizona and a 2004 R. Gene Richter Scholar — submitted her CPSM® certification paperwork in February.

Having obtained her C.P.M. certification shortly before that, Waggoner says she was comfortable with the process and knew what to expect. The two certification processes were similar. Although the CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam is now available, Waggoner says the lack of these tools at the time actually improved her comprehension of the CPSM® study materials. "When I was studying for this exam, I had to review all the content," she explains.

In pursuit of her CPSM®, Waggoner received plenty of support from Intel. The organization paid for her to take the Bridge Exam and for all her study materials. Less tangible — but equally vital — support came in the form of heartfelt congratulations from peers and higher-ups after she secured the certification.

"The folks who've taken [the exam] as well are extremely happy for me," she says. "And those who haven't taken it have shown interest in completing it for themselves."

In the future, Waggoner hopes her CPSM® certification will demonstrate her willingness to learn, and her interest in, all aspects of supply management. "I hope it shows that I understand the unique supply chain, and the various functions within it, on a broad level," she says.

Jami Coop, CPSM, C.P.M.

For Jami Coop, 25, a 2004 R. Gene Richter Scholar and Creighton University MBA holder, the decision to pursue her CPSM® certification was made without hesitation. "I had no reservations at all," she recalls. "The main reason I pursued it was to show that education and my profession are important to me."

True to form, Coop had finished all four C.P.M. Exams in 2006, less than a year after receiving her undergraduate degree. "I knew it would never get any easier to take those [exams]," she explains. "I was still in somewhat of a study mode, so that helped."

Coop says she "definitely" found the CPSM® Exam more challenging than the C.P.M.

"It will be harder for folks who've focused solely on purchasing — there's a much stronger emphasis on supply chain integration in the CPSM®," she advises. "But then again," she adds, "I don't think many people out there are only thinking about purchasing all day anymore. [This profession] really takes an integrated skill set."

"I believe pursuing the certification early in your career shows ambition and dedication to your career," she says. "The CPSM®'s value doesn't diminish; it can only grow stronger — especially as you're looking to secure higher positions in your organization. It seems like, more and more, employers are listing 'C.P.M. preferred' or 'CPSM® preferred' on job requirements."

Coop is currently a procurement manager, focusing on packaging procurement, for ConAgra Foods in Omaha, Nebraska. Coop received support for her CPSM® pursuit from the upper management team. "Participation in ISM is supported and encouraged," she explains.

Now that "CPSM®" and "C.P.M." both appear in Coop's e-mail signature and on her business cards, she says coworkers and peers regard the certifications as attainable for themselves. "I think [they know] it's a value-add to a person's résumé, similar to having an MBA," she says.

Zachary Andersen, CPSM, C.P.M.

After 29-year-old Zachary Andersen, a supply chain administrator for Springville, Utah-based aircraft parts distribution and PMA development organization Wencor, received his C.P.M. certification in September 2007, pursuing his CPSM® seemed like the next logical step. After all, many of the test concepts were still fresh in his mind.

Just 14 months later, Andersen was a CPSM®.

Even more ambitious than his time line, however, was his all-in-one approach. Instead of taking all three CPSM® Exams as part of the pilot process, he decided to try his hand at the Bridge Exam — and passed.

"The format for the CPSM® Exam wasn't like the C.P.M.," he recalls. "In the CPSM®, there was a broader topic range, with more emphasis on application of the concepts. That made real-world experience (which I didn't have a lot of) more valuable."

Even so, with a college degree in supply management, Andersen remembers feeling at least somewhat prepared to pursue his CPSM®. In lieu of on-the-job experience, he decided to study as hard as possible for the Bridge Exam.

It paid off — plus, he had plenty of organizational support. Because ISM certifications are highly valued at Wencor, his supervisor gave him paid time off to take the exam and also paid all associated fees.

Today, Andersen is grateful for the support and happy with the results. "By obtaining my CPSM®, I feel I've gained respect from my higher-ups," he says. "I'm sure, as the years go by, I'll reap additional benefits from this designation. The satisfaction of knowing I'm certified in what I do makes me feel good."

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Low-Cost Ways to Earn CEHs

Need to earn Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)? Short on funds to pay for training? Don't despair. ISM has several low-cost options to keep your CPSM®, C.P.M. or A.P.P. certification current. Some are even free.

  • The ISM Knowledge Center has two FREE online courses — Price Analysis, Cost Analysis or Total Cost of Ownership (#3921) and Ethics: A Behavioral Awareness Tool (#3954). Register at

  • ISM presents FREE Web seminars throughout the year on trends that affect supply management. You can participate from anywhere in the world and earn one CEH each time you attend. Register in the Seminars section of the ISM Web site.

  • Attend your ISM Affiliate meetings. Most meetings are $50 or less and usually you receive at least one CEH each time you attend.

  • Did you take or teach any business-related training through your employer?

  • Did you take any personal career development courses such as Effective Communication or Microsoft Excel?

  • Was your article published in a supply management-related magazine or journal?

  • Did you attend or present at one of ISM's conferences or seminars? Did you attend or present at other industry-related conferences or seminars?

For details on CEH qualification, visit the ISM Web site in the Professional Credentials section or e-mail

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On-Site Testing and Review

CPSM® and CPSM® Bridge Exam

On Your Schedule — At Your Location

Get your team certified at your company's location and on the schedule that meets your business needs. On-site reviews and testing gives you control of the schedule while you reduce test anxiety and build a team culture among your employees.

A team of certified and accredited professionals translates into organizational effectiveness, efficiency and overall operational success. From the bottom line to the top ranks, the entire organization benefits from the impact of certification.

Save time, travel and money on review preparation and testing. Schedule your on-site exam review or testing now with:

Kelly Rich or Trish True at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3061 or 3086, or by e-mail at or

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New CPSM® Study Materials

Get Your CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam

Get your copy of the much anticipated CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam, in Web or print version. The CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam helps you focus your study efforts by identifying any areas of supply management that need strengthening — right from your own computer. You get a sample test for the CPSM® Exam (may take up to three practice tests within one year) with a scoring chart and correct answers, including justifications and references. Use with the CPSM® Study Guide. Note: Content in the Web version is equivalent to the print version. However, the Web version more closely simulates the test taking environment.

Print version — Exam 1, 2 & 3: USD $79 members/USD $99 nonmembers
Web version: USD $49 ea. Exam members/USD $69 ea. Exam nonmembers
Web version, set — Exam 1, 2 & 3: USD $129 members/USD $169 nonmembers

CPSM® Bridge Exam Self-Study Workbook Course

C.P.M.s with a bachelor's degree, get your copy of the CPSM® Bridge Exam Self-Study Workbook course.

Especially designed for C.P.M.s with a bachelor's degree studying for the CPSM® Bridge Exam, this workbook uses the CPSM® Study Guide to provide an overview of the material covered on the CPSM® Bridge Exam. It includes supplemental content developed by subject-matter experts, review questions and case studies for selected Bridge-specific tasks. There is a post-test to evaluate your increased knowledge. Use with your CPSM® Study Guide. Not for candidates taking the full CPSM® Exams. (21 CEHs) Note: This self-study course is equivalent to the CPSM® Bridge Exam Online Review course in the ISM Knowledge Center.

Self-study workbooks for each CPSM® Exam will be available in fall 2009.

Item #6001 — USD $79 ea. members/USD $99 ea. nonmembers

New Edition of ISM Glossary — 300+ New Terms

There are more than 300 new supply management terms included in the fifth edition of the ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms. The ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms is a valuable reference tool for supply professionals, academics, researchers and students. Greatly expanded, the fifth edition includes information from all disciplines within supply management. What a great study tool for the CPSM® Exams.

Item #GL5 — USD $30 members/USD $50 nonmembers

CPSM® Online Review Courses

Take online review courses for the CPSM® Bridge, Exam 1, Exam 2 and Exam 3 in the ISM Knowledge Center. Get an in-depth review and assessment of the material in the CPSM® Study Guide by tailoring the course to your specific study needs. This interactive course includes sample test questions, case studies and bonus supplemental content developed by subject-matter experts. This bonus content gives candidates additional study material for tasks with the most questions on the exam. Get immediate feedback with this online review course to customize your personal study program. Register today at

USD $195 members/USD $295 nonmembers

CPSM® Bridge Online Review Course #3968
CPSM® Exam #1 Online Review #3969
CPSM® Exam #2 Online Review #3970
CPSM® Exam #3 Online Review #3971

Online Book Sale

Markdowns up to 75% off!
Get them while they last.
Check back for new arrivals.

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The Art of Studying

Eight Ways to Study Better and Succeed

Since most exam candidates have been out of college for a few years, here are some tips on studying for the exams. According to the experts at Study Guides and Strategies, these basics will help you stay on track:

  1. Have a dedicated space for studying. Whether it's in the kitchen, your home office, the neighborhood coffee shop or your local library. Find a place that is just for purposes of studying. Make sure you have good lighting, a comfortable chair and an environment conducive to concentration. Avoid your cell phone and any other forms of electronic communication.

  2. Determine your internal clock and pick the best time to study. If your energy levels are high in the evening, then you might want to schedule studying at that time. It's important to have a study routine and stick to it. And save your most difficult topics for the times you are most alert.

  3. Set goals so you can focus. Before you dive into the books or the online course or start on the Diagnostic Practice Exam, take a minute to organize your thoughts and set some learning objectives. Are you going to finish one chapter? Setting strategies ahead of time will make your study time more efficient.

  4. Encouragement. Decide on incentives for accomplishing your learning objectives. When you reach an intermittent milestone, take a walk, go to lunch or savor that double latte mocha.

  5. Variety. Reading about one subject for a long period of time can cause lapses in concentration. If you find your eyes crossing after the second hour on cost/price analysis, move to another topic.

  6. Alternate study activities. This is not always possible but after several sessions with the books, switch to a group study format or try taking the practice test in the Diagnostic Practice Exam. Some people find the process of setting up flash cards and self quizzes a valuable tool to digest information.

  7. Ten minutes. Don't forget to give yourself some breaks during your study session but make sure it's at a time that works for you. Breaks can be more unstructured and should fit your style. At least remove yourself from the study area for a few minutes to clear your mind and restart your motor.

  8. Rewards. Don't forget to reward yourself when you've successfully completed a section of the materials or passed the practice test. Having a reward in place will help motivate you to complete tasks and make the process more enjoyable.

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Upcoming CEH, Networking and Professional Development Opportunities

October 2009 Seminars
  • NEW! Legal Negotiations #4275
    October 8-9, 2009 in Tempe, AZ

  • Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism #4538
    October 14-16, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV

  • Contracting Basics: What All the Ts And Cs Mean #4488
    October 19-20, 2009 in Nashville, TN

  • Advanced Negotiation Strategies: Advanced Concepts and Techniques for Optimizing Value Through Negotiations #4449
    October 19-21, 2009 in Atlanta, GA

  • CPSM® Exam Review Course #4251
    October 26-28, 2009 in Atlanta, GA
November 2009 Seminars
  • Legal Aspects of Supply Management: The Basics You Need to Succeed #4394
    November 2-4, 2009 in Tempe, AZ

  • Finance for the Supply Management Professional #4516
    November 3-4, 2009 in Adelphi, MD

  • Contracting for Purchasing and Supply Management: Beyond the Basics #4424
    November 5-6, 2009 in Las Vegas, NV

  • Leading and Managing Supply Relationships #4543
    November 16-18, 2009 in Atlanta, GA

  • CPSM® Train-the-Trainer: Review Instructor Courseware Program #4301
    November 19-20, 2009 in Tampa, FL

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CPSM® Study Materials for Every Type of Learner

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Instructors — CPSM® Instructor Kit Is Now Available!

CPSM® review instructors have another resource to assist them in teaching CPSM® Exam and CPSM® Bridge Exam Review courses. The new CPSM® Instructor Kit is a series of CDs that include customizable PowerPoint slides for each exam with embedded summarized CPSM® Study Guide content by task, knowledge checks from the current CPSM® Courseware, and also a summary and review highlighting key points by task. Included in each exam are worksheets for task review exercises, case studies from the current CPSM® Courseware to reinforce learning and a participant answer key with Q&A and discussion notes to the knowledge checks and case studies. The CDs are available by individual exam or as a set. Note: Product content may only be used for delivery of face-to-face review courses and may not be used in online formats.

CPSM® Bridge Exam: USD $450 members/USD $650 nonmembers
CPSM® Exam 1: USD $250 members/USD $450 nonmembers
CPSM® Exam 2: USD $250 members/USD $450 nonmembers
CPSM® Exam 3: USD $250 members/USD $450 nonmembers
Set — CPSM® Exams 1, 2 & 3: USD $650 members/USD $850 nonmembers

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Networking Just Got Easier

Join ISM's supply management groups on,, and to make building your network easier than ever!

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Professional Credentials Department Contacts

  • ISM Customer Service: For questions about exam registration, 800/888-6276 or +1 480/752-6276, option 8

  • Certification Information line: extension 3027

  • Althea (Al) Levine: Questions regarding certification and application process, extension 3094

  • David Migliore: Concerns related to on-site and computer-based testing, extension 3074

  • Karen Collins: Manager, extension 3123

  • Andrea Waas: Vice President, extension 3011

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