Submission Requirements — Journal of Supply Chain Management

Please see the specific Guidelines for Submissions to ensure that manuscripts are in the correct format in terms of contribution-to-length ratio, abstract, references, etc. Reviewers tend to respond unfavorably toward manuscripts which are not formatted according to the style guidelines of the journal to which they are submitted.

Authors who submit a manuscript to JSCM:

  • Agree that their manuscript is not under review at any other journal or outlet, and agree to not submit their paper elsewhere during the review process at JSCM.
  • Declare that their paper does not report results that have been previously published. Earlier or concurrent conference presentation of manuscripts does not disqualify a paper from submission to JSCM. However, if the manuscript is accepted for publication by JSCM, the authors should note in an acknowledgement that an earlier version of the paper was presented at the conference(s).
  • Attest that their paper has not been previously submitted to JSCM for review.
  • Ensure that working papers and/or any similar versions of submitted manuscripts are removed from university or any other Web sites during the review process at JSCM.

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