Spotlight on Groups & Forums

Volume 9, Number 1
April 2001

E-Commerce Purchasing Group

A new Group of NAPM members with a special interest in electronic commerce has just been formed. A primary area of interest for the Group includes analyzing and exchanging information about the current and future trends in electronic commerce from the perspective of supply management professionals. Toward this end, the Group is sponsoring two sessions at the NAPM Annual International Purchasing Conference in Orlando, Florida. Other plans include an electronic newsletter that will be distributed to all Group members as well as online site reviews and surveys of electronic commerce trends. From all of this, it is hoped that the Group will provide guidance to other NAPM members by sharing experiences with successful e-business applications, articles in Purchasing Today®, and presentations at national and regional conventions.

The bylaws have been approved and the newly formed board of directors has begun conducting business. The board met again on February 10 for further clarification of our goals and objectives. Ideas from all members were welcome.

Those people interested in joining the E-Commerce Purchasing Group may do so by logging on to the NAPM Web site and completing the Group and Forum enrollment form or by contacting Affiliate Support by e-mail to

Submitted by Brian G. Long, Ph.D., C.P.M.,
Group Chair

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