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Leveraging to the Edge: Can We Afford the Results?


Linda P. Michels, C.P.M.
Linda P. Michels, C.P.M., Director, ADR North America, LLC, 734/930-5070; linda.michels@adrna.com
Tony Yakos, MBA
Tony Yakos, MBA, Senior Consultant, ADR North America, LLC, 734/930-5070; tony.yakos@adrna.com

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

With the growing popularity of e-auctions and the current state of the economy, many companies are drastically cutting costs from their supply base. But several firms are taking the short-term benefits without reviewing the long-term consequences of their actions. This session will look at real-world examples of companies that have leveraged suppliers to the point where the suppliers have either gone out of business or have taken actions that negatively affected the buying company. This session will use examples and present a model showing supply management practitioners and managers the importance of maintaining proper supplier relationships and when to change relationships to accomplish your business goals.

Leveraging to the Edge: Can We Afford the Results? — 69 KB (PDF)