A Peak Performance Framework for Supply Chain Professionals


Agar Burton
Agar Burton, President, CTS Group, 44 07900 938167 AgarBurton@ctsus.com
Andrea Charman
Andrea Charman, Senior Learning Consultant, Leadership Group, 44 207 289 7373 andrea@andreacharman.com

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Today's transformational workplace demands new ways of working if we are to achieve high levels of sustainable success. A new and demanding social and psychological contract requires a revision of employee engagement with employers within a mutually beneficial framework. It is all about choice. In a world of discontinuous transformation, savvy professionals need to upskill to remain ahead of the game so that they are in a position to add value to the business. At the same time organizations that offer a learning continuous learning environment are likely to be the employer of choice. This session proposes a high-speed, stress-reducing solution to the challenges of the 21st century workplace. It is a solution anchored in natural, yet often overlooked, brainpower, assuring supply chain professionals of a comprehensive understanding of what is involved to stay ahead. The session focuses a cluster of practical skills that enable workplace professionals to exceed delivery targets while maximizing return on effort, ROE as a result of achieving peak levels of performance.

A Peak Performance Framework for Supply Chain Professionals — 18 KB (PDF)