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Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Low Cost Country Sourcing


Birou, Ph.D., Laura
Laura Birou, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, ADR North America, LLC, 734-930-5070; laura.birou@adrna.com
Greene, Connie
Connie Greene, VP Regulatory Operations, Horizon Group USA, Inc., 908-810-1111 Ext: 220; connie.greene@horizongroupusa.com
Hoover, David J.
David J. Hoover, VP Strategic Procurement, HNI Corporation, 563-299-5833; HooverD@hnicorp.com

93rd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2008 - St. Louis, MO

This presentation discusses the concept of low cost country sourcing (LCCS) and the motivators behind this new global sourcing strategy. Challenges and benefits, risks and complexity associated with LCCS will be discussed, as well as an eight-step approach and TCO (total cost of ownership) model to successfully execute LCCS strategy. The presentation includes tools for conducting initial supplier research and a comparative review of several popular low cost sourcing destinations.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: Low Cost Country Sourcing — 42 KB (PDF)