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Using Lean Principles to "Lean Out the Supply Chain"


Barkman, MS, C.P.M., Sandra
Sandra Barkman, MS, C.P.M., Senior Procurement Agent, The University of Michigan, 734/615-5961; sbarkman@umich.edu
Marks, MBA, Bryon S.
Bryon S. Marks, MBA, Divisional Supply Chain Manager, Eaton Corporation, 517/960-5410; bryonsmarks@eaton.com

92nd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2007 - Las Vegas, NV

With contacts throughout the supply chain, who would be better than the supply chain professional to implement lean principles? Learn five principles of lean and value stream mapping to identify costly value stream activities.

Using Lean Principles to "Lean Out the Supply Chain" — 56 KB (PDF)