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Supply Chain Risk: Deal With It


Alex B. Monty
Alex B. Monty, Director of Consulting, ADR International, 734/930-5070; alex.monty@adrna.com
James D. Kiser
James D. Kiser, V.P. of Operations, ADR International, 734/930-5070; jim.kiser@adrna.com

90th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2005 - San Antonio, TX

Which supply disruptions can your business afford? Do you know the potential financial impact of supply disruptions? Do you have a targeted strategy to mitigate those supply risks you can least afford? If you are not comfortable with your answers to these questions, you might benefit from a robust supply chain risk management strategy. This presentation provides you with the understanding and tools needed to present senior management with a business case for investing in supply chain risk management.

Supply Chain Risk: Deal With It — 44 KB (PDF)