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An Internet Portal Success Story: Leveraging EDI for Maximum Effectiveness


Julie B. Callahan
Julie B. Callahan, Senior Manager, Accounts Payable, Union Pacific Railroad, Phone 402/280-6650; jcallaha@up.com
Lori Hooper
Lori Hooper, Electronic Commerce Coordinator, CSX Transportation, Inc., Phone 904/633-1691; Lori_Hooper@csx.com
Dan Harmes
Dan Harmes, Analyst, Strategic Sourcing & Supply, Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Phone 817/352-2104; daniel.harmes@bnsf.com

88th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2003 - Nashville, TN

Many companies have developed Internet applications with the goal of improving efficiency and forging deeper relationships with their suppliers and customers. The purpose of this paper is to present a successful application suite and discuss the components that contribute to its success: The use of existing industry standards for information exchange; A user interface that mimics traditional paper documents, minimizing training; A data transport process that blends the use of existing infrastructure with GUI interfaces; A cost structure that is competitive with other electronic mediums for information exchange; and, Process improvements that benefit both parties. Regardless of the type of business or data to be exchanged, these are concepts that will improve the acceptability and effectiveness of any application.

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