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Which Form of Supply Chain Management Will Work Best for You?


Michael Harding
Michael Harding, President, Harding & Associates, 802/453-5379; harding@sover.net

89th Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2004 - Philadelphia, PA

The comprehensive definition of “Supply Chain Management” is the coordination of material and information flow from raw material in the ground to the end-customers’ recycling of the expired product. This definition encompasses many activities currently not included under the title of Supply Chain Manager for many reasons. These include: lack of resources, the new definition crosses many lines of responsibility and territorial interests, and insufficient support from top management to effect the required changes. Given these conditions, Supply Chain Management (SCM) has evolved into forms that fit existing business models. (Typically, there is a dividing line between Material and Marketing that is not crossed.) We will look at a some of these forms and some tools that can assist us in realizing the potential of SCM.

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