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Making a Stronger Case for Supplier Diversity


Sharma, Raj
Raj Sharma, President & CEO, Censeo Consulting Group, 202/296-0601; rsharma@censeoconsulting.com
Laseter, Timothy
Timothy Laseter, Visiting Assistant Professor, Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia, 434/924-4078; lasetert@darden.virginia.edu
Witt, Russ
Russ Witt, Associate, Censeo Consulting Group, 202/296-0601; rwitt@censeoconsulting.com

93rd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2008 - St. Louis, MO

Supplier diversity is a hot topic in supply management. More and more companies view it as a way to tap into previously untapped supplier pools and increase the number of potentially highly qualified suppliers. Increasingly, companies are integrating supplier diversity programs into their supplier development initiatives and are closely aligning diversity goals with strategic sourcing efforts. This presentation will highlight leading practices of organizations that have successfully built and managed supplier diversity programs.

Making a Stronger Case for Supplier Diversity — 46 KB (PDF)