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The Human Factors in Managing China's Supply Chain


Wai, Tony
Tony Wai, Managing Director, SCMC Ltd., 86-21-5820-6920; tony@scmconsult.net
Hou, Kevin
Kevin Hou, Head of Global Sourcing China, Networks Global Sourcing, Nokia (China) Investment Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch, 86-21-63350500 x7020; Kevin.hou@nokia.com

92nd Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2007 - Las Vegas, NV

This session presents a view angle from within China about the human factors that affect management of China's supply chain, from current socioeconomic situations that affect Chinese people's mindset, to the specific issues related to employees, suppliers, customers and government officials. We’ll provide some advice on establishing and dealing with China's supply chain, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls. Comparisons will be made between American business culture and practice with China today.

The Human Factors in Managing China's Supply Chain — 56 KB (PDF)