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Strategic Selling and Listening Skills for Supply Management


Kathi M. Jobkar, C.P.M.
Kathi M. Jobkar, C.P.M., Manager, Strategic Sourcing, Allegheny Technologies Incorporated, 412/252-3172; kjobkar@alleghenytechnologies.com

91st Annual International Conference Proceedings - 2006 - Minneapolis, MN

Supply Management professionals have traditionally been "sold to" by suppliers. We, however, have typically not learned selling and listening skills ourselves, particularly when it comes to influencing or persuading our senior executives to approve our project, product, service, or process recommendations. The influential supply manager is someone who is a skilled salesperson and a competent professional in supply management. The issue of developing selling and listening skills by Supply Management personnel is addressed in this paper.

Strategic Selling and Listening Skills for Supply Management — 51 KB (PDF)