2001 International Conference Proceedings (May 2001)

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Measuring Results From Seminars Attended By Your Staff: How Do You Know It Was Worth It?

Global Outsourcing as a Strategic Initiative

Achieving Successful Supplier Relationships — Not An Overnight Sensation

Development of a Supply Chain in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

Creating a Business Universe: What the Next Generation Enterprise Looks Like

Protecting Your Most Important Investment — YOU

Five Strategic Initiatives For Achieving World Class Purchasing

Evaluating a Job Offer: Is it Art or Science?

Change Management — A Survival Skill for the Senior Purchasing Manager

Online Auctions: How Do They Work? Do They Fit My Needs?

Managing A Purchasing Crisis

Strategic Purchasing: Not for Near-Sighted People

21st Century Logistics: Harnessing the Demand Chain

Purchasing and Expediting — the True Facts

How to Make Purchasing More Fun

Procurement Self-Governance: Opportunities or Illusions?

Navigating the E-Commerce Rapids

Using Corporate Web Sites for Regulatory Terms and Conditions

Anatomy Of A Price

When the Shift Hits the Fan (A Practical Guide To Dealing With Change)

Got Strategy? — How to Create a Strategic Supplier Relationship Model

Politics in the Supply Chain: The Interplay of Power, People, and Positioning

Building Preferred Relationships With Key Suppliers

Improving Your Sole Source B2B Negotiation Techniques!

How to Succeed in the China Business Environment - Lessons Learned

EBusiness + Supply Chain Management = Value Chain Management

Agile Value Configuration: Leveraging the Internet to Reinvent the Enterprise

Maximizing the Use of Vendor-Managed Inventories while Minimizing Internal Headaches

Ending Supplier Relationships without Hostility

The Real Deal: What Skills Best Public & Private Purchasers Share

Containing the Cantankerous: Managing Your Relationship With Your Governing Board

Web-Enabled Global Literacy — Core Competencies & Critical Success Factors for Supply Chain Professionals

BrainPower: Critical Techniques Towards High Performance in the Knowledge Economy

Institutional Trust

How Are Suppliers Countering the Buyer's New Internet-Enabled Power?

Electronic Procurement — What's Our Role Now?

Strategic Cost and Value Management in the Supply Chain

The e-Enabled Company — Creating Business Transformation Through eBusiness Technology

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth...Maybe?

The Global Sourcing Process - On the Road to World-Class

Stress For Success (Managing Purchasing Stress in a Changing World)

Realistic Models for e-Procurement: Discounting the "e-Hype"-Factor

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Sourcing in China

On-Line Negotiation: An Evolution of e-Commerce

Making The Transition From Transactional To Strategic At J.D. Edwards

Technology Partnerships — Developing Small Minority Suppliers for the 21st Century

Conflict Resolution — What You Heard Is Not What I Meant!

Software Procurement in the Telecommunications Industry<

Navigating and Networking The 86th NAPM International Conference: Building Value in Your Career

A Diversity Process that Works!

Ten E-Commerce Questions All Purchasing Managers Must Answer

Cultural Differences-Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg

High Performance Goals: Define 'em and Refine 'em

Supply Chain Integration and the Supply/Demand Imperative

Strategic Thinking — Please Show Me the Way

Are E-commerce and Federal Acquisition Regulations Compatible?

Trust: Business eCommerce's Missing Link

Revolutionizing E-Procurement: Honeywell Decreases Lead Time, Implements Multi-Tier Supplier Collaboration

Supply Chain Design: A Necessary Core Competency to Build Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Purchasing As A Business

Developing a World Class Skill Set