August 1999, Vol. 11, No. 7

A.P.P. and C.P.M. Statement of Use Members Only Content

The Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) title and A.P.P. service marked initials are the exclusive and sole property of the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM). The A.P.P. designation is granted by NAPM to qualified applicants. Those who have obtained the A.P.P. can be proud of their commitment to professional and ethical standards as evidenced by their hard work to meet the program criteria established for the A.P.P. Once qualified, NAPM grants each A.P.P. the right to use the designation after his or her name on correspondence, business cards, and so forth, for as long as the applicant's certificate remains in force and effect. Use of the A.P.P. is an excellent way to announce the individual's achievement and help make others aware of the professional designation.

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