January 2001, Vol. 13, No. 1

C.P.M. and A.P.P. News Members Only Content

For more information regarding the changes to NAPM's certification program and the evolution of the updated C.P.M. Exam and new A.P.P. Exam, please visit the NAPM Web site at On the Certification page, you will find links to the August 1999 issue of Professionally Speaking and the "Revised Certification Exam Reflects What You Do" article, which announces the changes taking place. You will also find the new and updated exam specifications and transition charts for the existing and updated C.P.M. and A.P.P. programs. These charts explain the new exams and introduce the various combinations of the new and updated exam modules that candidates can use when applying for the C.P.M. or A.P.P. designation.

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