June 2003, Vol. 15, No. 6

In This Issue Members Only Content

At the May Board of Directors meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, the Board discussed the possibility of instituting a policy change that would transfer all membership dues-billing responsibilities to ISM. While the full details of the potential program remain to be worked out, ISM would bill members of record for their annual membership dues (both the national and local portions) on their respective anniversary dates. ISM would retain the national portion collected from each member and forward the affiliate portion to the local affiliate. Those affiliates that have Associate members would also benefit as billing for those members would be included. Members would receive their first renewal notice approximately two months before their anniversary date. Those members who do not renew would receive additional follow-up notices. If this program change takes place, it will free up affiliate resources that are currently being used for dues billing and allow affiliate leaders to concentrate more of their efforts on what they do best — providing quality education and training.

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