January 2010, Vol. 22, No. 1
for the volunteer leadership

Spread the Word — Sharing the Value of Supply Management

Resolutions for Success

It's a new year — and along with the standard, personal resolutions — why not set a few resolutions for yourself as a supply management professional ... and leader?

Resolve to... participate in the blogging community.

There are dozens of blogs on the topics of supply management, sourcing, purchasing, supplier management and more. Blogs enable two-way communications by providing the opportunity to comment on blog posts and engage in genuine conversations online. Below are links to several blogs or blog directories.

You can get to know the human or organizational face behind a blog by checking for links titled About This Blog or Profile. Be sure to check each blog's blogroll for links to additional blogs that interest you.

Resolve to... prepare a topic for a future meeting presentation.

The most strategic affiliates plan meeting topics and confirm speakers months in advance. However, it never hurts to be prepared for an unforeseen speaker cancellation or an equipment or software crisis. Contact your affiliate's professional development committee and volunteer to prepare one or more Plan B options ready to be deployed at a moment's notice. Perhaps one of your more regular meeting attendees can agree to be on call to present on a preapproved topic or current event. Or prepare a manila folder of table topics and table host instructions in case your meeting topic needs to shift from a lecture-style presentation to small table-led discussions on best practices or solutions to common challenges.

Resolve to ... help job-seekers stay connected.

If you know of someone who is unemployed or a soon-to-be college graduate, consider inviting them as your guest to an upcoming affiliate meeting or local business mixer. Pick up their registration fee and if they are unsure how to reciprocate, just tell them to pay it forward. You'll be helping them keep their professional network active. And... they'll be able to state in job interviews that they're staying current and relevant as a professional by attending your affiliate meetings.

Resolve to ... get your CPSM® certification.

Challenge yourself and make the move to gain supply management's most prestigious designation. The CPSM® is the credential that surpasses the demands of the international marketplace with multifaceted skills in areas such as finance, supplier relationship management, organizational global strategy and risk compliance. Sign up for e-mail updates at and select Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) Program.

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