January 2009, Vol. 21, No. 1
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Spread the Word — Sharing the Value of Supply Management

Supply Management Month 2009 Materials Available Online

Each year in March, Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) demonstrates its commitment to lead supply management by encouraging month-long celebrations and awareness activities showcasing the importance of the profession. Supply Management Month is a time of year when everyone — regardless of job title, organizational role or even membership status in ISM — can play an important role in celebrating and promoting the profession.

In addition to celebrating with fellow affiliate members and coworkers, supply management professionals can leverage Supply Management Month to educate others in their organizations ... in the local business community ... and at local educational institutions about who they are and what they do.

A 2009 Supply Management Month poster is among the resources now available on the ISM Web site. The poster is available in several electronic art file formats and can be printed in letter or legal paper stock. Supply Management Month Information and resources are located on the ISM Web site ( by selecting Members Only, Affiliate Resources, Affiliate Support and then Supply Management Month Information.

The online Supply Management Month information also includes these additional resources:

  • Time Frame for planning Supply Management Month
  • Supply Management Month Checklist
  • Ideas to Assist Your Affiliate in Enhancing Its Media Coverage During Supply Management Month
  • Sample Supply Management Month News Release
  • Public Service Announcements for Supply Management Month
  • Special Event Ideas and Promotional Tools

Supply managers' capabilities and responsibilities have seen unprecedented growth in importance. Never before have supply managers been asked to do so much and take on as much responsibility as they do now. Get involved and participate in Supply Management Month 2009.

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