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October 1998, Vol. 10, No. 9

  • In This Issue Members Only Content

    NAPM President Richard D. Rich, C.P.M., A.P.P., wants to ensure the recently released Phase I Progress Report by the Governance Study Committee receives wide distribution. The following material excerpted from the report provides information on our progress to date. The entire report is available on the NAPM Web site through the President's Corner.

  • Board of Directors Update Members Only Content

    The 1998-99 Board of Directors met on August 14-15, 1998, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Highlights from the meeting included the following:

  • President's Corner: NAPM/PMAC Update Members Only Content

    The purpose of this report is to let you all know what is happening with our discussions with the representatives of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada and what is planned. First, however, I must tell all of you what a pleasure it has been to work with the team from PMAC. They are forward-looking, open, and candid in our discussions. Whatever we decide to do, I believe that this openness will have been essential to the success.

  • Affiliate Support and Technology Members Only Content

    NAPM will host, free of charge, a one-page Web site for each affiliate. The NAPM-provided template can include your affiliate or district logo, leadership networking and contact information, monthly meeting dates/topics, other educational opportunities, and membership information (with a link to NAPM's online application form). Your Web site coordinator will log on to an area of NAPM's Web site and populate the template. Once the information is submitted, we will post it to your Web page. For more information, visit the page on Web Page Hosting Information on NAPM's web site.

  • Volunteer Appreciation and Management Members Only Content

    How many times have we heard leadership say we have lots of members, but only a small percent are active in leadership roles? What can we do to increase the participation rate at the affiliate level? Before setting out on the journey to recruit leadership we must do our homework. The first step is to know your affiliate mission, organization, goals, and resources. It is also important to understand how the volunteer of the 1990s differs from previous generations. What skills exist amongst your inactive members (dues paying but not participating in affiliate activities)? How do we match these individuals to vacant positions?

  • Liner Notes Members Only Content

    The following information was provided by Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., C.P.M., NAPM Finance Committee Chair.

  • Reminders Members Only Content

    Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time. As a result, while most of the United States will set their clocks back one hour on the last Sunday of October, NAPM headquarters will remain on Mountain Standard Time, as it does year-round. NAPM office hours are 7:30 a.m. to 4:20 p.m., MST. Those of you in the Midwestern and Eastern United States will be one to two hours ahead of Arizona, while those of you on the West Coast will be one hour behind.

  • Fax On Demand Finder Members Only Content

    "In demand" documents available from Fax on Demand include:

  • Hospitality Suites Available in San Diego Members Only Content

    It's time to reserve HOSPITALITY SUITES for the Annual International Purchasing Conference, May 23-26, 1999, in San Diego, California. For hospitality suite and catering information, call Michael Aldworth at the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina at 619/230-8323. Suite rates range from $415 to $750 depending on parlor size, hospitality capacity, number of attached sleeping rooms, and location. Call early for the suite of your choice! Suite reservation cut-off date is November 23, 1998.