for the volunteer leadership

June 1998, Vol. 10, No. 6

  • In This Issue Members Only Content

    "Trust me!" When it comes to NAPM, those are fighting words. Quite recently, I was involved in discussions with the affiliate leadership to garner their support for our efforts for a bylaw revision dealing with our membership criteria. It was during these discussions that I became aware of the affiliate leadership's lack of trust with the national leadership. This lack of trust presents both a problem and an opportunity to develop a solution.

  • Nomination for President-Elect Members Only Content

    Nominations for president-elect are being accepted by the Selection Committee for the 1999-2000 term.

  • 1998/1999 C.P.M. Program Goals Annouced Members Only Content

    The Certification Committee and the Professional Development Committee, agreed it would be best to center the affiliates' attention on only one goal. In the past there were three goals established for each affiliate as follows:

  • 1998-99 Satellite Seminar Series Topics Announced Members Only Content

    Five satellite seminars will be presented by NAPM during the 1998-99 program year:

  • Board of Directors Update Members Only Content

    The 1997-98 and 1998-99 Board of Directors met May 2, 1998, during the 83rd Annual International Purchasing Conference in Dallas, Texas. Highlights from the meeting include the following:

  • President's Corner Members Only Content

    Representatives of the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC) and NAPM met in Chicago May 28-29, 1998. The purpose of the meeting was to explore ideas of bringing the two associations closer together in ways that will benefit the members of both associations and the supply management profession.

  • NAPM Governance Study Members Only Content

    The purpose of the NAPM governance study is to assess whether NAPM has the processes and structure for governance to successfully serve its members, customers, and profession for the future. NAPM solicited quotes from consultants for this study. The NAPM Finance Committee reviewed the quotes returned to NAPM and recommended awarding the project to Ampersand Associates. The NAPM Board of Directors approved the recommendation.

  • Liner Notes Members Only Content

    In May 1998, with recommendations made by the Educational Resources Committee, the NAPM Board of Directors approved the following awards to the scholars listed below.

  • Volunteer Appreciation and Management Members Only Content

    Will your affiliate be able to retain a majority of its new members and leadership this year? What causes good people to leave our organization? What steps can you take to cut down on membership attrition? Do you have a goal for retaining members in your affiliate? We can help our members grow, learn, and build self-esteem to maintain their interest in the affiliate.

  • Reminders Members Only Content

    Please submit your Annual Affiliate Officers Update Form to Christine Hudgins at NAPM headquarters by June 22, 1998. If you have any questions, or require extra forms, contact Christine at 800/888-6276 or 602/752-6276, extension 3070.