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January 2001, Vol. 13, No. 1

  • In This Issue Members Only Content

    The last six-month period has heralded exciting new developments for our certification programs, and it has also been one of the most successful periods in their history. Before highlighting those new developments, we should pause to recognize the contributions of two of the people most responsible for that success.

  • C.P.M. and A.P.P. News Members Only Content

    For more information regarding the changes to NAPM's certification program and the evolution of the updated C.P.M. Exam and new A.P.P. Exam, please visit the NAPM Web site at On the Certification page, you will find links to the August 1999 issue of Professionally Speaking and the "Revised Certification Exam Reflects What You Do" article, which announces the changes taking place. You will also find the new and updated exam specifications and transition charts for the existing and updated C.P.M. and A.P.P. programs. These charts explain the new exams and introduce the various combinations of the new and updated exam modules that candidates can use when applying for the C.P.M. or A.P.P. designation.

  • Updated Study Materials for the 2001 Exams Members Only Content

    In conjunction with the introduction of the updated C.P.M. Exam and the new A.P.P. Exam, NAPM has updated all of the exam preparation materials for the exams available in 2001. All materials updated in 2000 are for use with the exams introduced on January 1, 2001. For detailed information on the products below, please call our Customer Service Department at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 401, and request our most recent resource catalog. Or, request information from the NAPM Fax on Demand system. Call 800/444-6276, follow the prompts, and request document #32673. Please share this information with your colleagues and members who may be working toward certification.

  • Level Up In 2001 Members Only Content

    A new A.P.P. Exam and an updated C.P.M. Exam debuted on January 1, 2001. Candidates may take the "former" exam through December 31, 2000. Refer to the transition charts below to see how modules passed by December 31, 2000, may be combined with modules taken in 2001 and later, to apply for the A.P.P. and/or C.P.M. Please share this information with your colleagues.

  • NAPM News Members Only Content

    The 2000-01 NAPM Board of Directors met on November 4, 2000, in Nashville, Tennessee. Highlights from the meeting include the following:

  • Reminders Members Only Content

    Be sure your affiliate receives the recognition it deserves by completing the Affiliate Excellence Award Survey and submitting it for consideration. Submission deadline is January 31, 2001. For more information, log in to the Members Only area of the NAPM Web site at and select the Affiliate Support link, or contact Jan Miller, Affiliate Support, at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3113.