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June 2006, Vol. 18, No. 6

  • In This Issue Members Only Content

    The 2006 ISM Board of Directors met on May 6, 2006 at the Hilton Minneapolis in Minneapolis, just prior to the 91st Annual International Supply Management Conference.

  • ISM Annual Awards Members Only Content

    On May 9, 2006, supply management executive R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P. accepted the profession’s highest honor at Institute for Supply Management’s™ (ISM) 91st Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit. Nelson accepted the J. Shipman Gold Medal Award in Minneapolis in recognition of modest, unselfish, sincere and persistent efforts for the advancement of supply management.

  • Affiliate Support Members Only Content

    Summer Leadership Training Workshops are tailored specifically for the leadership of ISM affiliates. These workshops offer invaluable networking opportunities as well as sessions addressing both the tactical and strategic training necessary to run a successful affiliate.

  • Spread the Word — Sharing the Value of Supply Management Members Only Content

    As many of you know, ISM has developed a nationwide spokesperson team program. We shared this information with you in the August 2004 issue of NewsLine. In the December 2005 issue of NewsLine, we listed the supply management professionals we have selected so far to be on the team.

  • Certification News Members Only Content

    Remember to distribute service award forms for continuing education hours (CEHs). Individuals who hold office in either ISM or its C.P.M. Allied Associations can earn CEHs for their service. Service awards may be printed from the ISM Web site. Go to, select Members Only, Affiliate Resources, Affiliate Management Tools, Download Frequently Used Forms and then Service Awards for Continuing Education Form.

  • Technology Members Only Content

    Couldn't make it to Minneapolis for ISM's 91st Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit? Get up to speed by checking out the Online Catch of the Day. This electronic compilation contains summaries, online presentations and previews of select workshops. Find out about Conference updates and read behind-the-scenes interviews. This is also the place to find handouts from sessions you couldn't attend. Use this area to find out who the award winners are and to read other breaking news at the Conference. This area is also where you'll find the 2006 Conference Proceedings.

  • Board of Directors Update Members Only Content

    Theresa Metty, C.P.M., chair of the Board of Directors, has officially called a meeting of the 2006 ISM Board of Directors to be held at the Hilton Chicago O’Hare Airport Hotel in Chicago. The initial session will be called to order on Thursday, August 17, 2006.

  • Liner Notes Members Only Content

    Hospitality Supply Management, an ISM Forum, presents the Fall Conference for Hospitality Supply Management, October 17-19, 2006, at the Doubletree Hotel Dallas — Campbell Centre in Dallas.

  • Reminders Members Only Content

    Please submit your annual Affiliate Officers Update Form online at Or, go to, Members Only, Affiliate Resources, Affiliate Management Tools and then Affiliate Officer Update form. The online form is prepopulated with the information on file at ISM. All you have to do is verify the information and make changes as needed. If you have any questions, contact Melanie DePalma at 480/752-6276, extension 3062.