January 2012, Vol. 24, No. 1
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ISM—New York Successfully Educates New Members While Keeping Costs Low

On November 18, 2011, ISM—New York Executive Director Diane Martin hosted the affiliate's first new member orientation training program via web seminar. By providing a web-based program, Ms. Martin easily and cost-effectively brought training right to the desktops of new affiliate members throughout the New York area. The interactive program included information on ISM—New York's events and educational offerings as well as the many benefits of being an affiliate and ISM Member. With the use of the web seminar portal, participants were able to ask questions and send notes and instant messages to each other. In addition, the web seminar was set up so that Ms. Martin could intermittently move away from the web seminar to conduct a walk-through of the affiliate's website. By doing this, Ms. Martin believes this kept the participants engaged in the web seminar.

Based on the success of ISM—New York's first web seminar and coupled with its commitment to provide the best education possible, the affiliate will continue to provide web seminars to keep its members well-informed on the benefits of affiliate membership. They also found that offering web seminars enabled members to carve out time more easily from their busy schedules.

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