January 2009, Vol. 21, No. 1
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This Month on the ISM Web Site: Research Tools

ISM has compiled a library of research information to help you in your daily quest for professional tools.

Here is a sample of just a few of the many tools compiled to assist you.

  • ISM Resource Guides
    These are "packets of information" on a variety of supply management subjects. Each guide includes five to 10 articles from various ISM publications, suggested reading lists, valuable links to related Web sites, plus contact information for a variety of other resources and information on each topic.

  • ISM Bid Specifications Database
    Need to draft a bid document for your organization but don't want to start from scratch? Try finding a close match in the Bid Specification Database to use as a template! ISM has compiled hundreds of statements of work (SOW), requests for quote (RFQ), contracts, requests for proposal (RFP) and invitation to bid documents from organizations across the country.

  • ISM Tool Kit
    The tools listed in the ISM Tool Kit are decision-making flowcharts and other processes including: negotiations, cost analysis, price analysis and strategic profit model.

  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility Research
    It is the mission of the ISM to foster and drive sustainability and social responsibility excellence across the supply chain through the development of principles, and the sharing of tools, information and practices.

  • ISM Survey Research Results
    From time to time, ISM conducts surveys of its members and other audiences to measure the impact of issues or events on the business community and supply management in particular. The results of various research projects are available here.

To access the complete list of research tools compiled by ISM, select Tools on the left side of the ISM Home Page and then Research Tools.

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