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  • "Book Review: Kaizen Blitz" Members Only Content, Vol. 35, No. 4 (Fall 1999), p. 61.

    Kaizen Blitz is the Association of Manufacturing Excellence's brand for an intense three-day productivity improvement program. The focus of Kaizen Blitz is to apply continuous improvement techniques in a focused, time-compressed process. There are three phases to the program: preparation, the core event (called the Kaizen Blitz event), and follow-up. According to the authors, top management commitment and participation is crucial to the success of the Kaizen Blitz process. The first three chapters of the book orient the reader to the philosophy and approach to Kaizen Blitz.
  • "Book Review: The Power of Strategic Costing by Dale Brethauer" Members Only Content, Vol. 36, No. 3 (Summer 2000), p. 55.

    Strategic cost analysis, one of the most important activities for purchasing professionals, also can be one of the most daunting. In his book, The Power of Strategic Costing, Dale Brethauer states he will provide a step-by-step process for analyzing suppliers’ product or service costs, estimating competitors’ costs, setting target costs, and determining the value of continuous improvement. This practical book brings a potentially dry topic to life through interesting cases and helpful numerical examples. A disk with spreadsheet application is included to enable readers to begin using the cost estimating process with their own suppliers.