Journal of Supply Chain Management

Business-to-Business Online Purchasing: Suppliers’ Impact on Buyers’ Adoption and Usage Intent Members Only Content

Experts predict that the Internet will become the primary low-cost network for business-to-business commerce transactions. Both buying and selling firms can benefit from the cost savings and produc-tivity improvements associated with online pur-chasing. Although more organizational buyers are turning to the Internet for purchasing activities, challenges exist as some buying firms harbor concerns. To assist suppliers in the development of effective strategies aimed at increasing online pur-chasing among professional buyers, a study was designed to investigate the impact of supplier sup-port on buyers’ adoption of the Internet for corpo-rate-related purchasing activities. Path analysis was used to examine the relationships among four vari-ables: supplier support, communication convenience, buyer adoption behavior, and Internet usage intent. The results suggest that suppliers play a critical role in the adoption of this new innovation. By offering encouragement, guidance (e.g., training), and incen-tives (e.g., price discounts) and by stressing conve-nience of use, suppliers can increase the likelihood that buyers will adopt and use this new method for purchasing.

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