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June 1999, Vol. 4 No. 10

The Distribution Link: Optimizing the Possibilities

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  • The Role of the Distributor Members Only Content
    Ask five different people to explain the relationship between distributors, manufacturers, and purchasing, and you will probably receive five very different answers. Are distributors so complex that they defy definition? No, it is simply that a distributor can be many different things to different people. Whether you are watching your favorite television rerun, shopping for a new car, or buying a gross of screws, you are probably interacting with a distributor. In a very general sense, unless you are buying direct from the factory, or a factory outlet store, you are buying from a distributor.

  • Distributors and Their Customers Members Only Content
    As mentioned, a distributor must manage two major relationships: the relationship it has with its suppliers and the relationship it has with its customers. The distributor-manufacturer relation has been discussed, but what about customer relationships? See the box below for some of the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing from a distributor and a manufacturer.


Jim Nelles
Jim Nelles is an associate in the Chicago office of Mitchell Madison Group, a global management consulting firm. He has worked in the purchasing, procurement, and sourcing field for more than five years as a buyer, product manager, and consultant. Mr. Nelles has authored articles for Purchasing Today®magazine and other publications. In addition, he conducts seminars on implementing strategic supplier relationships in the field of MRO procurement. Mr. Nelles earned his MBA from the J.L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University.

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