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January 1998, Vol. 3 No. 5

Getting Into Outsourcing

Table of Contents
  • Outsourcing Today Members Only Content
    Outsourcing has been in practice for years in one form or another. A common form of outsourcing that has existed in manufacturing since Henry Ford’s day has been whether a company should make or purchase components of products or services they are building and selling.

  • Skills and Tools Required Members Only Content
    When evaluating how, why, and when you should consider using outsourcing as a strategic tool, first inventory the skills you need to effectively develop, manage, implement, and sustain this type of program.

  • Development and Implementation of Outsourcing Programs Members Only Content
    Laying the groundwork for any outsourcing program begins long before any supplier is ever contacted. It’s necessary to develop a plan that includes clearly defined objectives. Success in outsourcing depends on having a clear vision and a defined corporate strategy. Knowledge of the current requirements necessary to deliver the outsourced commodity, the service levels to be met, and the costs associated with meeting those levels are also essential for success. The structure of the outsourcing agreement depends on the goals you set in the early stages of the process. Once you have identified the commodity or process to be outsourced, take the following actions:

  • Measurement and Enforcement Members Only Content
    What are the factors involved in successfully managing and sustaining your outsourcing program? The contract and statement of work specify the required service levels, performance expectations, penalties for nonperformance, and termination clauses.


Michael Patton
Michael Patton is president and CEO of Corporate Strategic Services, Inc., a management consulting group based in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Patton has 22 years of experience in purchasing, materials, and project management, including vice president of purchasing and office services at Huntington National Bank for five years. He has held management positions with major firms including Shell Oil Company, Baxter Healthcare, CRSS, Hoechst Celanese, and Cardinal Industries. He has been an NAPM member for 20 years and is a frequent instructor at various association seminars and workshops. A graduate of The Ohio State University, Mr. Patton has done post-graduate work at Texas A&M University.

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