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July 1997, Vol. 2 No. 11

Purchasing's Role in Inventory Management

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  • Where Purchasing Fits In Members Only Content
    As organizations implement supply chain operations, applications such as inventory management must evolve to support the creation of a "value chain," where true value is measured in terms of the ability to meet changing customer requirements. Inventory management is a total enterprise concern, a business issue that requires cross functional involvement to assess the needs of the organization and its internal customers.

  • The Basics Of Inventory Management Members Only Content
    Any discussion on inventory management should start with the precepts that form the basic platform of knowledge. To begin, practitioners should understand the various classifications and inventory types. The following definitions are generally accepted:

  • Inventory Forecasting Members Only Content
    Accurately forecasting future demand is an exacting but necessary enterprise because it is central to the planning and control functions of an organization. Effective forecasting requires accurate data, the appropriate forecasting technique, and the ability and experience to interpret the results knowledgeably.

  • The Tools of Inventory Management Members Only Content
    Inventory management is not an isolated function. Many inventory issues are scheduling issues. Inventory is tied into the procurement cycle, and is affected by functions such as logistics and stores management. Within this greater context, there are a number of specific methods to manage and control inventories. The most prevalent are described below.


Richard Oreskovich, C.P.M.
Richard Oreskovich is the purchasing/warehouse supervisor for Tg Soda Ash, Inc. He has 16 years experience in purchasing/warehouse/inventory control in the mining industry. Previous positions include materials manager for Kerr-McGee Coal Corporation and Magma Copper Company. Mr. Oreskovich has a B.S. degree from the University of Wyoming and an MBA from the University of South Dakota.

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