NAPM InfoEdge
May 1997, Vol. 2 No. 9

The Importance of Ethics Training and Development

Table of Contents
  • Defining an Ethics Policy Members Only Content
    Organizations have good reason to care about the ethics decisions of their employees. The most immediate reason is the quality of employees' business decisions — Is the organization getting the best decisions possible, or are other factors weakening those decisions? Or is there a perception that decisions aren't based on solid business practices?

  • Developing an Ethics Training Program Members Only Content
    Who is the anticipated target audience for ethics training? In parallel with one uniform organization policy (no double standard), the training ideally should be administered to everyone in the organization. If this is the case, then it is much more powerful if senior management enrolls in the training first.

  • Ethics Exercises Members Only Content
    An important part of ethics education and training is the exercises. There are several ways exercises can be delivered, including "games," action planning, role playing, or the methodologies illustrated in the following sample exercises.


Mary Lu Harding, C.P.M., CPIM, CIRM
Mary Lu Harding is a principal of Harding & Associates in Bristol, Vermont. Formerly, she worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a purchasing manager with technology expertise. Ms. Harding is the co-author of Purchasing (Barron's Press), contributed to the C.P.M. Study Guide, Sixth edition, and has authored two previous issues of NAPM InfoEdge, as well as articles for NAPM Insights and Purchasing Today™. In addition, she developed the NAPM instructional video on systems contracting. Ms. Harding has presented seminars at several Annual International Purchasing Conferences, has written and reviewed questions for the C.P.M. certification exam, and has developed seminars for NAPM. Ms. Harding is a member of the NAPM Educational Advisory Committee, and has held other leadership positions within NAPM.

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