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July 1996, Vol. 1 No. 13

Preparing for a Successful Negotiation

Table of Contents
  • Defining the Process and Undertaking First Steps Members Only Content
    Conducting and concluding a successful negotiation is a responsibility purchasing and supply management professionals must master in today's fast-paced business environment. Without this ability, organizations are deprived of the competitive edge they need to stay on top.

  • Gathering and Analyzing Data Members Only Content
    Negotiating is more than the behavior displayed at the negotiating table. Organizations are placing more emphasis on the systematic evaluation and selection of suppliers and the development of long-term productive relationships. Therefore, there is a much greater application of structured negotiation planning, including task planning and process planning:

  • Conducting Practice Sessions and Performing Closing Steps Members Only Content
    Negotiating skills are a core competency for anyone who has to deal with suppliers. Purchasers should receive training in negotiating through formal means (courses, seminars, workshops) and/or through "apprenticeship" in direct experience. Training is essential to a successful negotiation. As with any critical situation, an unproven, inexperienced individual should not attempt to take a leadership position in the process.


Jon Hughes is chairman and development director for ADR International Purchasing Consultants, Ltd., Bracknell, Berkshire, England. He is also a visiting research fellow at the Centre for Strategic Procurement Management at the University of Birmingham, England. Mr. Hughes specializes in the realignment of strategic business processes and the development of innovative supplier management practices for leading organizations in the pharmaceuticals, media, services, and public sectors. He is a corporate member of the Institute of Personnel Development in the United Kingdom and is a frequent speaker worldwide, including NAPM International Purchasing Conferences in Atlanta, Anaheim, and Chicago, and the International Purchasing Federation in Vienna. Mr. Hughes earned his master's degree from Cambridge University.

Glenn Shihata is a financial analyst in reengineering at American Express, World Financial Center, New York. His primary responsibilities are to conduct cost benefit and probability analyses to evaluate reengineering opportunities, streamline business processes, and develop and implement cost-cutting techniques throughout various business functions, including purchasing. Mr. Shihata is an active member of NAPM and a contributor to Purchasing Today™. He received his bachelor's degree in business administration, with concentrations in finance and procurement, from the University of San Diego, where he studied with procurement expert David N. Burt, Ph.D.

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