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April 1996, Vol. 1 No. 10

Creating An MBE Supplier Program

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  • Preparing for an MBE Supplier Program Members Only Content
    As the marketplace becomes increasingly global, a critical element of successful U.S. competition is the encouragement of entrepreneurs and small businesses. Among these small businesses are Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs). The minority voice is becoming stronger in U.S. business, as evidenced by the following:

  • Implementing the Program Members Only Content
    An obvious component of starting a minority supplier program is identifying the candidates who will meet your needs. The easiest way to identify certified minority suppliers is to use a source that has already done much of the work for you, such as the NMSDC. This national organization has regional councils and an entire database of over 15,000 certified MBEs. Corporations and other organizations may become members, which allows them access to the database and the use of the council as a source of referrals. Other sources are available (see box). You should also check your telephone book or reference resources, as well as these sources, for referral to minority chambers of commerce, professional and trade associations, and federal, state, and city minority supplier lists. However, if your organization decides to start its own self-certification program, it must be rigorous enough to ensure the firm is, in fact, minority owned. (see box).


Tom Nesby is president of Nesby & Associates Inc. of Seattle, Washington and Wilmington, Delaware. Mr. Nesby, with over 27 years of experience in management and consulting, has trained more than 65,000 executives, and has delivered organizational development and training services to both public sector and Fortune 500 organizations throughout the United States. He is area vice chairman of the National Minority Supplier Development Council's Minority Business Enterprise Input Committee, and a member of the Seattle and the King County Camp Fire Board. He graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in business administration. Mr. Nesby is a contributing author of SAGE — Skills for Adult Guidance Educators, and author of Developing Quality Circles in Public Service Organizations. He has also appeared on national television with Ted Koppel, as well as on regional television, speaking as an authority on the impact of cultural differences in the workplace.

Amy Yeater is a writer living in Seattle, Washington. Her areas of expertise include W/MBE procurement, networking, and communication skills. Ms. Yeater also consults and writes for architectural, engineering, and employment service organizations. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and has done postgraduate work at the University of Washington.

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