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1999 Purchasing Today Article Index
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A valuable reference tool, the Article Index is a comprehensive list of articles that have appeared in Inside Supply Management® (formerly Purchasing Today® and NAPM Insights®) magazine. Articles are organized by subject for easy locating and study.

  • Digital Versus Digitized Members Only Content
    Michelle Jolicoeur Bell, March, Vol. 10, No. 3, p. 16. (Exam Alert: )

    Web signatures are replacing wet signatures, and choosing an appropriate, secured technology is critical for your online transactions to be tamper proof.

  • E-Mail Based RFP Management Members Only Content
    Brian Caffrey, August, Vol. 10, No. 8, p. 16.

    If you recognize e-mail as a versatile electronic commerce tool that supports your purchasing and supply efforts, you might consider it as the medium for helping manage your RFP processes.

  • Information "Body Guards" Members Only Content
    Phillip Green, Ph.D., February, Vol. 10, No. 2, p. 16.

    The latest in high-tech identification promises to make the Internet a safe haven for business deals.

  • Saving Big Time Members Only Content
    Robert D. Stoops, CPIM, April, Vol. 10, No. 4, p. 18. (Exam Alert: )

    One organization effectively uses the Internet for its integrated supply process.

  • Spammed and Scammed: Internet Fraud Presents Challenges Members Only Content
    Kevin J. Williams, C.P.M., November, Vol. 10, No. 11, p. 18.

    The Internet has opened many doors for businesses, and at the same time slammed many organizations in the pocketbook.

  • The State of Electronic Commerce Members Only Content
    Terri Tracey, August, Vol. 10, No. 8, p. 22.

    A recent NAPM study suggests that the purchasing and supply function is still struggling in the electronic commerce world. How is your organization doing compared to others?

  • We're Not There Yet! Members Only Content
    Cherish Karoway Whyte, January, Vol. 10, No. 1, p. 40.

    Electronic commerce activity — specifically on the Internet — has exceeded the expectations of business analysts, but its true potential to revolutionize the procurement process remains a distant goal. Here's where we are now, and where we're headed.

  • Your E-Commerce Link in the Supply Chain Members Only Content
    Julie Murphree, November, Vol. 10, No. 11, p. 26.

    Intensely competitive organizations are focused on managing their supply chains. And, after incorporating improved supply chain processes, technology is allowing them to link their chains electronically.