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1997 Purchasing Today Article Index
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A valuable reference tool, the Article Index is a comprehensive list of articles that have appeared in Inside Supply Management® (formerly Purchasing Today® and NAPM Insights®) magazine. Articles are organized by subject for easy locating and study.

  • Creating Your Own Supplier Evaluation Formula Members Only Content
    Mary Lu Harding, C.P.M., CPIM, CIRM, November, Vol. 8, No. 11, p. 12. (Exam Alert: )

    If none of the supplier evaluation formulas you've seen fit your circumstances, whynot develop your own?

  • Getting a Handle on Leadtime Members Only Content
    Steve Lamperti, May, Vol. 8, No. 5, p. 14. (Exam Alert: )

    Here's a tool to maintain consistent inventory levels.

  • How Much Is Too Much? Members Only Content
    Doug Sevedge, C.P.M., January, Vol. 8, No. 1, p. 14. (Exam Alert: )

    What can you deduce with a spread sheet program and a price quote?

  • Prices: More than Meets the Eye
    Marshall Mathers, C.P.M., September, Vol. 8, No. 9, p. 14.

    This article is not available online.

  • The Right Amount at the Right Price Members Only Content
    James A. Snitzer, July, Vol. 8, No. 7, p. 12.

    A spreadsheet can help you determine the quantity you should order, even under changing circumstances.

  • Under the Magnifying Glass Members Only Content
    Lydia E. LaFaro, March, Vol. 8, No. 3, p. 14.

    Profit margins can offer a closer look, revealing the effectiveness of your supplier's cost management.